1- Maltodextrin - PRODUCT CODE: E635

Explanation : Maltodextrin can be produced enzymatically from any starch. Maltodextrin is produced from corn, potatoes, rice or wheat. Starch goes through a process called hydrolysis. In this process, the product produced by adding water and enzymes that partially digest starch, is refined, dried and turned into powder. Maltodextrin, a water-soluble, tasteless product, is an excellent mass builder for standard and low-fat products. Commercially available Maltodextrin has 4% moisture, less than 3% dextrin. Maltodextrin provides hygroscopicity, viscosity and crystallization control. Maltodextrin, which does not have any effect on the product color, preserves the aroma specific to the product due to its indeterminate taste, making Maltodextrin an ideal additive in this case. Maltodextrin is used in the food industry because it increases the structure and extends the shelf life.

Usage areas : Maltodextrin, which is widely used in consumer products such as dry mixes; It is used as a stabilizer, structuring agent and aroma carrier in infant dairy products. It is used as a moisture-retaining agent in coffee and coffee whiteners, chocolate drinks, bread and meat products. It is also used as a binding agent and plasticizer in confectionery and in the coating of confectionery or hazelnut-like products.

2- Dectrose Monohydrate

Explanation : Dextrose, known as corn sugar, is formed by the reaction of starch with the amylase enzyme. Dextrose Monohydrate is purified and crystallized D-glucose containing one molecule of water per molecule of dextrose. It is obtained as a result of processes such as purification, evaporation and crystallization following the hydrolysis of starch. It is a carbohydrate with a high glycemic index. It is well soluble in water. It contributes to obtaining a smooth and creamy structure by having a lower freezing point. It has less sweetness than sucrose. Its biggest advantage is that it has a moderate sweetness compared to sucrose and does not destroy the food-specific aroma and also shows a strong protective effect as sucrose.

Usage areas : Dextrose Monohydrate; It is used in baked goods, ready-made food products, candies, jam, jelly, peanut butter, chewing gum, some kinds of ice cream and various frozen yogurts, in the production of jars and canned food such as spices, pickled vinegar, creams and alcoholic beverages. It is used in processes applied to keep fruits and vegetables fresh and also in dehydration.

3- Glycerin - PRODUCT CODE: E422

Explanation : Glycerin is a polar organic trihydroxy alcohol, also known as "glycerol", in liquid form. It is a slightly sweet, pure colored liquid. It mixes with water and alcohol; soluble in acetone. It boils at high temperature.

Usage areas : Glycerin is used as a moisture retainer for food preservation, to give consistency in ice creams, in cough syrups, candles and soaps. It is used in a wide variety of fields from cosmetics to food industry. Medical glycerin is used as sugar in diabetes and also with ointments applied externally to the skin. Glycerin, which has a strengthening effect, also provides an effective solution for infected wounds due to its antiseptic feature. It is also used in making dynamite. It can be combined with trinitroglycerin and nitric acid to make dynamite. Thanks to its stain removal feature, which is another feature, it is used in cleaning products. In addition, it is an important raw material in the printing sector and roving production.