Gum Base

Gum Base

Explanation : Gum Base is the substance that gives "chewing" to the chewing gum. Usually Gum Base consists of elastomers, resins, oils and emulsifiers. By combining these ingredients, gum base is known as the most important raw material for producing chewing gum. The structure, chewing and bubble-making properties of the chewing gum depend on the gum base.

Our product range :

Bubble Gum Base ( Bubble Gum Base )

  • Big Bubble
  • Bazooka
  • Ball Gum
  • Tube Gum
  • Gummy Lollipops
  • Soft Bubble Gum
  • Bubble Gum
  • Gum with Gel

Chewing Gum Base ( Bubble-less Gum Base )>

  • Stick Gum
  • Dragee

Medical Gum Base (Medical Gum Base)

  • Diet Gum
  • Dental Gum
  • Vitamin Gum