1- Wheat starch

Explanation: Natural Wheat Starch is a type of starch produced as a by-product while vital wheat gluten is obtained from wheat. It can also be described as gluten-free wheat flour. Wheat Starch shows much higher degrees of gelation than other natural starches. The gelling degree is between 80-85 ° C. It is a natural, pure and renewable polymer. Therefore, Wheat Starch has many uses.

Usage areas : Wheat Starch is a commonly used additive in processed foods in the food industry. Its natural property is used to create gels and thickeners. In the food industry and pharmacology, starch is used to impart moisture, texture and stability. In the food industry, thickening jelly, fruit puree, noodles, pastries, cookies, cakes, and Turkish delight are some of the areas where they are used. It is added as a thickener in starch, pudding and other powdered sweet mixes to make the structure soft. In puddings, it creates a soft texture while leaving a pleasant taste in the mouth. Wheat Starch allows you to control the moisture absorption and structure of the mixture in cake mixes, and the volume, softness, symmetrical structure and eating quality of the cake can be increased. It allows you to control viscosity and oil absorption in donut mixes and increase softness. Allows you to control spreading in wafer batter and pancake mixes. It helps to create the ideal outer surface in cream products (puff products, cream cakes, cream pies). You can control the width and thickness of cookies with Wheat Starch. In general, it ensures that all powder mixes are voluminous and fluid, while never masking delicate odors. It gives a soft consistency to the product in baby food and allows the release of aroma. It helps the products to rise and the pieces are crispy in breakfast cereals. While it provides the soft texture of salad dressings, it also preserves the stability of the emulsion. It allows heat to penetrate quickly into thickened sauces and soups while improving their aroma. While it increases adhesion in coatings, it enables products to absorb less oil during frying.

2- Corn Starch - PRODUCT CODE: E1422

Explanation : Natural Corn Starch, which is obtained from corn, which can be grown easily in many countries, is the most consumed starch type in the world and the most used in our country. Although the average granule size is 15 microns, granule diameters vary between 3 and 26 microns. Amylose ratio in Corn Starch varies between 25-28% and amylopectin ratio varies between 72-75%. The gelling degree is between 62-72 ° C. An interesting property of Corn Starch is that when mixed with water, it does not act in accordance with Newtonian fluid properties.

Usage areas : Corn Starch, especially in the food sector; It can be used as a chemical additive in certain products or as a medical treatment for some diseases. It is used as a thickener, stabilizer, moisture holder, film-forming, structure regulator and binder in various sectors. Corn Starch is used as a thickener to make dough or slurry by mixing with low temperature liquids such as soup, sauces, tomato paste, pudding. It is sometimes used as a complete substitute for flour to obtain a transparent instead of opaque mixture. In agriculture, it will be gelled and used as a more organic spreader and adhesive production by using some surface active nonionics. Baby powder usually contains Corn Starch. Corn Starch can be used in bioplastics production. Corn Starch is a preferred adhesion inhibitor in medical products made of natural latex.